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ZeroFox protects modern organizations from dynamic security, brand and physical risks across social, mobile, web and collaboration platforms.


ZeroFOX constantly monitors all publicly available platforms in existence, analyzes them to discover hidden threats and all types of malicious activity, and coordinates on your behalf with network providers and hosts to take threats down before they go public. Using diverse data sources and artificial intelligence-based analysis, the ZeroFOX Platform identifies and remediates targeted phishing attacks, credential compromise, data exfiltration, brand hijacking, executive and location threats and more. The patented ZeroFOX SaaS technology processes and protects millions of posts, messages and accounts daily across the social and digital landscape, spanning LinkedIn, Facebook, Slack, Twitter, Instagram, Pastebin, YouTube, mobile app stores, code repositories, the deep & dark web, domains, email and more. By reigning in and avoiding the costs of fraud and brand reputation damage while compelling adversaries to try elsewhere, organizations can accelerate digital transformation to drive new revenue streams, better serve customers and protect their valued assets in this digital-first world.

Products & Services

With a global data collection engine, artificial intelligence-based analysis, and automated remediation, the ZeroFOX Platform protects you from cyber, brand and physical threats on social media & digital platforms.

  • ZeroFOX Social Employee Protection – Empower employees to safeguard their accounts, publish security trainings and harden security posture across the workforce.
  • ZeroFOX Social Web & Domain Protection – Protect your web and social experiences by finding and eliminating domain squatting and typo phishing.
  • ZeroFOX Social Executive & VIP Protection – Protect your executives and VIPs by identifying cyber and physical risks and gaining real-world situational awareness.
  • ZeroFOX Social Brand Protection – Protect your business from revenue-damaging threats to your brand, your hard-earned social presence and your engaged customers.
  • ZeroFOX Social Enterprise Protection – Find and eliminate complex, targeted security threats and business risks across all social media & digital platforms.

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