Interpreting & Delivering Data At Lightning Fast Speeds

With our driven focus on Telecom Security, we have developed a unique fusion of expertise and knowhow in Big Data analytics. Many international conglomerates as well as tech giants have chosen us as their preferred partner.
With a spotless track record or executing carrier-grade, industrial and national security applications.

Big Data Storage & Analytics
Our expertise involve integration of proprietary Big Data platforms and libraries with class-leading software and hardware components that deliver maximum performance and value.

Our legally approved interception solution Li-Te gives network operators of multiple sizes an access to resourceful and cost effective platforms. These platforms comply with the data interception requests by the law enforcement agencies. Our dynamic solutions include various types of data viz. Voice, Internet and VoIP domains.

System Integration and Software Development
With our packaged surveillance & security solutions built on class-leading technologies, our dynamic solutions and configurations meet the tiniest of the client’s specific requirements.

Radius Services
With over 20 years of experience, Simpra & Radius Services have earned immense respect amongst the Telecom as well as Law Enforcement Agencies.
Our thorough experience allows us to develop and customise easily integrable & fully automated plug-ins and plug-outs, while implementing automated processes.
Our experience proves fruitful in reducing the operational costs by utilising AAA systems.
Our experience also helps in improving the visibility of the subscriber status while deploying quick & seamless responses. This helps telecom operators to be alert and react to the demands, as well as tackle the competition’s strategies.

Network Security Services
We work closely with our clients to ensure that their critical network infrastructure is secured and defensible by implementing measurable operating procedures. Our proven solutions help our clients raise the security level of any communication data security for a seamless service.

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