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Tala prevents client-side attacks like Magecart, XSS, code injections and session redirects. Our innovative solution is designed to secure customer data and ensure data privacy, without degrading site performance or top-line revenue. Tala’s technology automates policy generation, deployment and maintenance of powerful web standards, including CSP, SRI, Feature Policy, Referrer Policy, HSTS and others. Tala also leverages JavaScript virtualization synthetically to prevent unauthorized data access or leakage. Tala’s comprehensive portfolio includes both Tala-Protect and Tala-Detect ensuring comprehensive data flow analysis together with the means to control it. These key capabilities extend data security to the edge, with no impact on website performance or user experience – and no code integration required.

This innovative combination of capabilities ensures attacks are prevented in real-time, data privacy and integrity is assured and the need for costly and continuous administration or incident response is minimized.

Tala is led by industry veterans and successful entrepreneurs. We are backed by an impressive collection of well-known tech investors, angels, former executives at Symantec and by the National Science Foundation (NSF). Our technology has garnered multiple awards including being named a Gartner Cool Vendor and an RSA Innovation Sandbox Finalist.

Products & Services

Tala – Protect

Tala – Protect addresses multiple data security and privacy challenges faced by enterprises, without impacting performance or taxing DevOps resources. WARP is designed to:

  • Ensure data security by preventing advanced website attacks, such as Magecart, cross-site scripting (XSS), formjacking and more.
  • Harden web applications against browser-based attacks by automating standards such as CSP, SRI and HSTS, without impacting user experience, site performance, DevOps or other resources.
  • Provide fine-grained data discovery, mapping, governance, risk modeling and alerting for enterprise websites and applications
  • Provide actionable insights for ensuring web application integrity, security, data privacy assurance and regulatory compliance.

Tala – Detect

Tala- Detect provides fine-grained data discovery, mapping, and data flow analysis – including complex workflows to identify malicious and inadvertent leakage, unauthorized script changes, and coding risks that are further enhanced with domain reputation analysis, leveraging internal and external threat feeds.

Since enterprise does not write nor control the majority of code that runs on customer browsers, regulatory considerations, fines, and class-action litigation are driving the need to prioritize capability and controls that ensure and enforce data privacy for both customer and business-sensitive data originating on the web.

Tala-Detect tracks data across three dimensions: exposure, capture and exfiltration/leakage and provides the means to control it. address these critical issues:

  • Sensitive Data Exposure: Which website integrations have access to what sensitive data?
  • Sensitive Data Readers: Which website integrations read sensitive data?
  • Sensitive Data Exfiltration: Which website integrations extract sensitive data?

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