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Unify disparate security tools for full visibility and context, automate the tedious to free up time for more strategic initiatives, and speed response from hours to minutes


Siemplify is on a mission to re-envision security operations. We tirelessly pursue simplicity and a stellar user experience to help your SOC move beyond the daily cyber grind and concentrate on what matters most: building resiliency and investigating and remediating real threats, fast.

  • Reduce analyst caseload by up to 80%
  • Automate up to 98% of Tier 1 tasks to free up time for strategic initiatives
  • Speed response from hours to minutes

Products & Services

The Siemplify Security Operations Platform serves as your complete security operations workbench - delivering serious orchestration, automation and response firepower.

  • Unite context with a threat-centric approach. Forget focusing on alerts and drowning in analysis. Our patented technology automatically groups related alerts into a single threat-centric case, reducing caseload, improving efficiency, allowing for a single analyst to work the case and shrinking overall noise for the SOC.
  • Powerful for engineers and intuitive for analysts. From our visual investigation to our code-free playbook builder, you don’t need to be a python guru or memorize complex command lines. Organizations with engineering resources can leverage our python-based IDE and powerful customization to address any use case.
  • Get insights into your security operations. We’ve intentionally built in the ability to easily see the scope of activities, generate insights that drive improvement, and measure improvement over time - so you can easily report progress to upper management, get a close-up view on what’s being worked on, what’s delayed and where the bottlenecks are occuring.

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