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Conquer your digital transformation to deliver security intelligence and risk management at the core of everything you do. Secure application and data, drive identity – centric controls and intelligence, and leverage powerful analytics to detect known and unknown threats. Micro Focus’ solutions comprise a best-in-class, enterprise-grade security platform with built-in scalability and analytics to drive the Future of Security. Our innovations include: native, real-time log parsing, security data enrichment and normalization; built-in security analytics and enhanced dashboards; intelligent real-time event data from Azure Active Directory to SIEM solutions; data-centric security hosted by AWS; and secure application testing both in DevOps and in production.

Products & Services

From mainframe to mobile, we have the portfolio depth and breadth to cover challenges across Enterprise DevOps, Hybrid IT Management, Security, Risk & Governance, and Predictive Analytics.

  • Hybrid IT Management : Master hybrid IT with new agility—bridging traditional and transformational IT services from mainframe to mobile, from corporate to cloud.
  • Enterprise DevOps : Unleash the power of DevOps across hybrid IT—quickly bringing innovative ideas to life at the pace your business demands.
  • Security, Risk, & Governance : Take a holistic, analytics-driven approach to securing what matters most—identities, applications, and data.
  • Predictive Analytics : Can you transform volumes of high-growth disparate data into accurate and actionable predictive insights—all with automated discovery? Your competitive advantage depends on it.

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