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Data Leak Prevention – Insider Threat Management – Employee Monitoring


Data Resolve is an industry leader in Data Leak Prevention, Insider Threat Management and Employee Monitoring platforms. Deployed across a spectrum of industry segments including Government, Military, Banking, Financial Services, Airlines, Energy, Entertainment, Automobiles, Print Media, Manufacturing etc, our solutions enable organisations to maintain full control of all information assets while ensuring optimum balance of risk-based business continuity.

Products & Services

At Data Resolve we endeavour and innovate solutions to help organisations focus on business opportunities and growth, while our products secure data/information assets from insider threats, cyber security risks and at the same time inculcate a culture of employee ownership for enhancing organisational value.

Preventing data leakage and employee monitoring helps organisations retain their niche over competition as well as develop productive human capital.


On-premise and Cloud deployable models:

  • Data Leak Prevention
  • Insider Threat Response System
  • Employee Monitoring & Workplace Productivity
  • Data Discovery
  • Data Exfiltration Intelligence
  • Corporate Cyber Intelligence
  • Machine Learning based UEBA
  • User Behaviour Centric Threat Response System

Add-on Modules

  • Server Activity Monitoring for pivotal visibility on collated data safety in operationally critical IT assets.
  • Secure Email Gateway Extra layer of facilitation for unfettered Business Continuity and Secure Email Communications via BYOD and Alien devices.
  • Reflector Enlightenment and enablement focused approach for employee driven human resource efficiency with minimal micromanagement.


Offered as a SaaS based solution deployable within minutes, DeskSight.AI simplifies the process of Monitoring Employees and Enhancing Productivity.

  • Enhances Employee Productivity
  • Improves Employee Engagement
  • Effective Time Tracking & Resource Planning
  • Remote / Attendance Management
  • Application & Website Usage Management

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